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Our online fleet management platform is a portal to everything you need to know about your fleet.
We like to think forward and grow together with our customers. That's what makes our product unique.

efficient fleet management

Better management, more control

Would you like to have all information about your vehicles, customers and drivers automatically linked to your planning and invoicing? Do you wish to keep track of this information in one comprehensive platform? Would you like to store everything digitally and in a user friendly way?

Discover how you can manage every aspect of your company and fleet efficiently with a user friendly solution. You can save time and money by integrating all information in one online platform! efficient fleet management

Automation in your work

Do you wish to be kept informed by automatic notifications about vehicles that haven't returned to the right location in time, vehicles that have left the country, upcoming maintenace or problematic situations? Does saving time and money by automating business processes seem appealing to you?

Be updated automatically and in real time thanks to our innovative hardware and software solutions! Simplify your daily workflow and become more efficient with automated integration of all useful information about your vehicles, customers, planning and invoicing. Even an integration with your current accounting software is possible! automation in fleet management

automation in fleet management
innovatie track & trace

Geo-based information

Are you interested in experiencing track & trace on a new level by integrating your vehicles' location with your planning? Would you like to have access to real-time mileage, fuel levels, distance until the next maintenance and other crucial information and use these automatically in your daily administration?

Our unique on-board computers register all information from your vehicles and make it immediately accessible from anywhere. This data is incorporated in the numerous applications our platform offers. You can also immobilise engines from a distance if needed. innovatie track & trace

Ecological driving, ecological thinking

Is a green and sustainable policy important for your business? Would you like to reduce fuel consumption and costs related to maintenance and damages? Or would you prefer to combine both in an innovative solution?

You can promote and incentivise eco-friendly driving behaviour with your customers and employees thanks to our unique EcoBonus system using an eco-score and real-time driving tips. By sharing the cost savings both you and those driving your vehicles can benefit from helping the environment! eco-driving


Choose your modules

Pay only for what you really need.
We can help you choose the right fit for your company with the freedom to expand at any time.

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vehicle management

Vehicle management

Access everything you need to know about your vehicles wherever you want!
All information is stored digitally and easily accessible at any time.
damage management

Damage management

Keep track of damages and repairs made to your vehicles in an efficient way!
Add photos and descriptions using a mobile device and store invoices digitally.
track & trace

Real-time track & trace

See where your vehicles are in real-time!
Calculate and plan optimised routes with the click of a button.


Reward customers or employees for eco-friendly driving!
An innovative bonus system allows you to share cost savings with those driving your vehicles.


Have more control over your fleet and make the right decisions!
All useful information about your fleet is available in clean and extensive reports.


Plan ahead who will be driving your vehicles in our user friendly planner!
Share and optimise your planning, while having it available to you at any time.


Create invoices and manage them with ease!
Real-time information about your vehicles and planning are automatically processed.
driver management

Driver management

Store useful information about people driving your vehicles and access it at any time!
Helping customers or employees has never been easier.
track & trace

Historical track & trace

Track every ride your vehicles have made!
Analyse all information about location, speed, distance and driving behaviour with ease.

Advanced vehicle information

Know everything there is to know about your fleet!
Using CAN bus technology all useful information is processed - from fuel level to the time until the next maintenance.
engine immobiliser

Engine immobiliser

Are you aware of current abuse of your fleet?
Stop the vehicle's engine from being restarted once it has been stopped and don't let it get further out of your reach.
customer management

Customer management

Integrate your customers' information with your fleet management!
Having all information available digitally allows you to provide a better service.


Monitor and encourage eco-friendly driving behaviour!
Eco-scores and useful real-time tips allow you to save costs and help the environment.

Integration with accounting software

Integrate our software with your current accounting software!
Automated invoices and all relevant information about your fleet are now linked to your accounting.